Dance photography
Featuring Moving and Storage Performance Company
and Crash, Burn, and Die Dance Company

Here is the body of work I produced for a show at So Say We in the Santa Cruz Dance Gallery in October 1996. The pictures originated as publicity photos for the dance companies mentioned above, and eventually found a new life as digitally printed vinyl photo murals 3 to 8 feet tall, mounted on vinyl boards.

To see the pictures larger, click on a small image.


This series was produced with an unusual technique. When seen from a moderate distance, the pictures appear sharp, with a normal tonal range. But as the viewer approaches to a certain distance, the gray tones fall apart into a pattern of digitally dispersed black and white dots. After a few moments of observation, a peculiar vibratory effect begins to influence the visual apparatus.

The picture to the upper left of this paragraph, when seen from a few feet away, resembles this:


you may click the picture for a full-size 6 foot wide version (but not in Safari).
But to really appreciate the effect of this technique it is necessary to meet the work face to face. It cannot be adequately displayed on screen.