Commercial Photoshop portfolio
High-end digital image retouching, compositing & adjustment
Darryl Ferrucci is one of the great ones. And as both a photographer and art director who has worked with him for years, I'm constantly impressed with his creative talent, technical mastery, production adaptability, working efficiency, and great attitude. His innate ability to quickly interpret subtle creative requirements and translate them into the digital domain in real time is peerless.

—Bruce Steinberg—San Francisco (more)

Darryl is the rare combination of being technically savvy as well as having a refined sense of aesthetic judgement all while making it look easy. He is a pleasure to work with and a talented craftsman.

—Carol Inez Charney—Charney Design—San Francisco

Darryl has collaborated with (Moving & Storage Performance Company) as a performer, photographer, graphic artist, and scenic and prop designer. As the graphic designer his posters and postcards have become collector's items, and I still get requests from people to be put on our mailing list just so they will receive one. And his photographs of the dancers published in the newspapers have helped build our audience to what it is today.

Darryl has the impressive ability to get a lot of people excited about a project and makes it all happen... For his photo mural installations he rallied volunteer teams of workers to hang the huge pieces, and I have seen him mobilize groups for all his large-scale operations. He has a unique point of view that people support. His work has variety and one doesn't know what he will come with next.

—Therese Adams—Choreographer & Director,
Moving and Storage Performance Company—Santa Cruz