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High-end digital image retouching, compositing & adjustment
To Whom It May Concern:

In the music business, one of the most important resources behind a great record producer is a great recording and mixing engineer. He or she can help conceptualize the tracks, design the sound, fix mistakes, provide objective criticism and suggestions, quickly learn and flawlessly remember cues and edits, and patiently hand-hold both the artist and producer through the inevitable rough spots in production.

In short, a great engineer can make the recording artist, the producer, and ultimately, the music, sound better than anyone might have had reason to expect going into the project.

In todayís digital graphics business, an art director works more like a record producer than ever before. And under the real-time pressures of creative development and pre-press production, his or her Photoshop artist is equivalent to—and every bit as important as—a recording and mixing engineer.

Darryl Ferrucci is one of the great ones. And as both a photographer and art director who has worked with him for years, I'm constantly impressed with his creative talent, technical mastery, production adaptability, working efficiency, and great attitude. His innate ability to quickly interpret subtle creative requirements and translate them into the digital domain in real time is peerless.

Moreover, Darryl's rates are so competitively affordable that he belies the conventional wisdom that you only get what you pay for. You get a lot more than you pay for, although he's so much fun to work with—exploring cool options and enhancing your original concept before your eyes—that you'll likely forget to keep your eye on the clock. But donít worry—he'll keep you on track about that, too.

Bruce Steinberg—San Francisco