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High-end digital image retouching, compositing & adjustment
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antiques modernized
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wild colorizing
pop art photoillustration
digital dermatology
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musician teleported!
back to the sea
tattoo you
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skin to stone
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Client Testimonials

Thanks for visiting. I'm a highly skilled Photoshop worker available for freelance assignments. I have over 15 years of commercial experience in adjusting, manipulating, and improving images in every possible way. A Photoshop user since version 1.07. Please click on the images above for a few examples of my work.

In addition to my impressive technical skills, I have an extensive background in photography and fine art. From this experience I bring to your project a creative and sensitive approach, a deep understanding of the structure of images both technically and aesthetically, and intense attention to detail.

I work for graphic designers, photographers, agencies, and anyone who needs top-notch professional image work. I produce files for print, screen, large format, and any other medium, and work with a fully color-calibrated system. I can work with clients anywhere in the world, over the Internet. I also provide customized Photoshop instruction and consultation for individuals and groups.

You may also be interested in seeing my art web site.